💻App platforms

goodcryptox is currently available on Web only as a part of the GoodCrypto app at https://app.goodcrypto.app/x.

You can use our iOS and Android GoodCrypto apps to receive push notifications on your goodcryptox orders execution and to check your goodcryptox balances as part of your GoodCrypto Portfolio.

Though GoodCrypto is present on Web, Android and iOS, we've made a conscious choice to launch goodcryptoX on web only as it will help us iterate faster.

Once the bulk (or at least a good part of) the planned goodcryptoX features will be built, we'll launch goodcryptox on Android (Google Play and APK) and iOS.

We also plan a Telegram companion bot that will receive notifications on orders execution and will provide quick shortcuts (e.g. "add 10% TP", "double position at -5%". etc.).

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