Buy coins with 💳

You can buy Ethereum, WBTC, USDC, DAI, or a number of other ERC20 tokens directly to your Ethereum, Base, or Arbitrum goodcryptox wallet using credit card or your bank account.

Coins are purchased from Banxa - the leading fiat on-ramp with one of the best rates on the market. All you need to do is select the network you want to receive your coins on:

and click the 'Buy crypto 💳' button in the wallet tab:

You will then see the list of coins, available for purchase on this network. Select the coin you want to buy and click 'Buy on Banxa':

This will take you to Banxa's checkout page. There you'll be able to select the number of coins you want to buy and the payment method - and instantly see the quote. You can then proceed to the verification and the actual purchase. Your coins will automatically arrive to your goodcryptoX wallet.

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