copy trading bot

copy trading bot lets you automatically copy the trades of a chosen wallet.

You can choose to copy any wallet by simply entering its address or selecting from a curated list of the most profitable DEX trader wallets. You will be able to sort all wallets that traded on Uniswap within a certain period by profitability (realized and/or unrealized) and filter them by the number and/or size of the trades.

Once you select a wallet to copy, you can choose the size scale of your copy orders relative to the original wallet. The default setting is 1:1 or 100%, but you can go as low as 10% or as high as 200%. At 10%, if the original wallet makes a swap of 1 ETH worth, your copy swap will be sized as 0.1 ETH, at 200% - as 2 ETH.

You will also be able to select safeguards that will protect you from malicious behavior of the wallet you will be copying: from max. number/frequency/size of the trades to honeypot checks and PnL-based Stop Loss / Take Profit.

Needless to say, the bot will only copy actual swaps on Uniswap and ignore transactions of other types.

The owners of the wallet that is being copied by goodcryptoX users can claim a 25% revshare of the swap fees we collect from the copy trades. All they need to do is to 'claim' that wallet on goodcryptoX. There will be a 2 years lookback - meaning you can claim your copy trading revshare for up to 2 years after the trades happen.

Our copy trading bot can be used by individual traders, trading group leads, and KOLs looking to monetize their insight or by the fund managers looking to automate buying and selling across multiple client wallets.

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