🦄GOOD protocol

Our long-term vision is full decentralization.

goodcryptox will eventually transition to GOOD protocol - a protocol for non-custodial DEX trading with advanced trading tools. GOOD protocol will have the same functionality as goodcryptox, but all the trading logic that is now handled by our centralized servers will be decentralized.

Each trading feature will be converted into a separate smart contract deployed on GOOD protocol. On-chain oracles will provide pricing and technical analysis signals that will trigger swaps.

GOOD token will be the native token of the GOOD protocol. It will accrue the majority of value of the protocol adoption and will also provide governance rights.

Several architectural choices of the GOOD protocol will depend on the speed of development and adoption of certain Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs). In particular, we are closely monitoring the progress of ERC-7521 - Generalized Intents for Smart Contract Wallets.

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