Create wallet

First, you need to create and log into your GoodCrypto account. Once logged in, go to the goodcryptoX section of the app:

Once on the goodcryptoX page, click on any of the Setup Wallet buttons:

We will now create your smart contract wallet on all the supported networks, issue session keys to those wallets that will permit us to trade on your behalf (and only that), encrypt them, and send to our servers.

This is your Ethereum goodcryptoX wallet address. Switch the network to see your address on other supported networks.

You can now receive coins to your wallet on your preferred network and setup your recovery phrase. Setting up your recovery phrase as soon as you create your walet is strongly recommended.

Clicking on your wallet address will open the wallet tab where you can perform all these actions and see your wallet balance. Clicking on your wallet address inside the wallet tab will reveal your full address:

You have a single goodcryptox wallet on each of the supported networks. Your wallet address is the same on each network (until we add support for non EVM-compatible networks like Solana). If you need another goodcryptox wallet on the same network, you can create an additional GoodCrypto account.

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