Take Profit

When enterng a position (buying a coin), Take Profit order allows you to set up an exit (order to sell the coin) by simply inputting your desired profit %.

To add a Take Profit to your order, click '+TP' in the swap setup form:

Input your desired profit level into the 'Take Profit' field - and you are good to go:

Once your main order executes, we will automatically open a Take Profit order to sell the exact amount of coins you've received, and will calculate where to place its trigger based on the actual execution price of your main order and your desired profit percentage:

You can see that I bought 1 DEGEN on Base at 0.000010564 ETH, and the system placed a Take Profit order to sell 1 DEGEN at 10% higher (at 0.000011621 ETH).

Once my target price is reached, the Take Profit will be triggered and the swap will be sent to the exchange.

You can connect Take Profit to any order: Swap, Limit or Trailing.

You can set your desired profit between 0.1% and 999%.

You can choose to connect only Take Profit to your main order - if you are are willing to hold the coins until the price reaches your desired level no matter how low it might fall in the interim.

Or, you can protect your downsinde by connecting a Stop Loss order as well - making it a TP + SL combo.

Coming soon: Trailing Take Profit, Multiple Take Profit Targets, realized and unrealized PnL calculation for the main order.

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