Swap (or market order) executes immediately at the current market price.

To set up a swap, choose the coin you want to 'Spend' and the one that you want to 'Get' as the result of the swap:

Now enter the amount. You can either set an exact amount of the coin to spend (in this case we will calculate how much of the other coin you will get) or an exact amount of the coin to get (in this case we will calculate how much of the other coin you need to spend).

Once you enter the amount, we will build the most optimal route to execute your swap across Uniswap pools, and calculate the amount of the coin you will get (if 'Spend' amount was set) or spend (if 'Get' amount was set).

We will also show you the expected execution price of the swap and the expected gas cost (in USD):

Note that the expected execution price can differ somewhat from the 'Last price' you see on chart. Expected execution price takes into account the potential price impact of your order and the pool fees.

If you want more details, you can expand the route section:

Price impact - by how much your order will move the price of the token. Larger orders on less liquid tokens will impact the price more.

Max. slippage - if the market moves so that the actual amount of tokens you'll receive will be less than your expected amount by this % or more, the swap will be reverted. It is set by default to 5% and can be changed (coming soon).

Swap fee - goodcryptox fee including all discounts.

Network fee - expected gas cost of this swap.

Order routing - to which pools and in which proportion the swap will be routed to.

You can attach a Stop Loss and/or a Take Profit to each swap:

Once you complete the setup, click 'confirm swap' to send your swap to the exchange. You'll see a loader on the 'confirm swap' button while the system waits for its execution. Once your swap gets confirmed, it will appears in the 'Orders' list under the chart, showing you how many tokens you spent/received as the result of the swap and the actual swap execution price:

You can click on it to expand swap details:

You can see here your actual gas cost, the swap fee that we charged, the actual route of your order and its price impact. If any transactions were batched with your swap (e.g. token spend approve) - they will also appear here.

We also provide links to view your swap on blockchain explorers. jiffyscan is tailored to smart contract wallets transactions - if you want to dive under the hood to understand all the nitty-gritty details - it's the place to go.

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