☯️GoodCrypto vs goodcryptoX

goodcryptoX is a part of the GoodCrypto app.

goodcryptoX provides a non-custodial way to trade on DEXs with advanced trading tools.

GoodCrypto is an all-in-one crypto portfolio management app that combines portfolio tracker, market research and analysis tools, advanced multi-exchange CEX trading terminal, and, now, also an MPC-protected non-custodial Smart Contract Wallet and DEX trading terminal.

GoodCrypto has been around since 2019. It has over 200k registered users. Over $3B of volume has been traded via GoodCrypto on centralized exchanges and dYdX.

GoodCrypto supports 35 centralized exchanges (spot and derivatives) and dYdX, offering unified trading tools from advanced orders to fully-automated trading algorithms (bots). CEX trading in GoodCrypto is also non-custodial - you connect your own CEX or dYdX account with API keys.

GoodCrypto investors include Fenbushi Capital - a prominent crypto VC, GSR - the largest crypto market maker, and Cointelegraph - a leading crypto media, among others.

GoodCrypto is available on Web, Android, and iOS.

GoodCrypto subscription plans provide benefits and unlock functionality for both GoodCrypto and goodcryptoX.

Our upcoming GOOD token will become the central part of goodcryptoX and GoodCrypto ecosystems and will benefit from growth and popularity of both of them.

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