Send coins

Since goodcryptox is a non-custodial wallet, there aren't and there can't be any limits or restrictions on transfers out of the wallet. You can transfer any and all of your funds to another wallet at any time.

To initiate transfer click 'Send' in the wallet tab:

Select the coin you want to send, enter amount and the wallet address you want to send it to:

Click 'Estimate gas' - this will simulate the transaction to provide accurate gas consumption forecast. Once you see the estimated gas amount, click 'Send coins':

You will see the transaction preview - please, check all the details (network, address, and amount) and click 'Confirm send' to initiate the transfer:

Your transaction will now be transmitted to the blockchain. Once it goes through, you will see a confirmation (or an error message if it fails) and it will appear in the 'Transfers' list:

Going forward, you will be able to pay gas for transfers in any ERC20 token, including GOOD.

We will also implement batch transactions enabled by Smart Contract Wallets - you will be able to send several transfers (different coins, different addresses if needed) and pay gas for a single transaction only.

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