goodcryptoX is a non-custodial AI-powered DEX trading bot offering advanced trading tools for AMM DEXs.

The platform is powered by ERC-4337 account abstraction and smart contract wallets. It has enterprise-grade wallet security with full MPC protection.

goodcryptoX offers unparalleled DEX trading functionality: from limit and trailing orders to Grid and DCA trading bots, market screeners with auto-buying, ability to pay gas in any ERC20 token, and a lot more.

good crypto AI transforms DEX trading experience enhancing functionality of every trading tool in the app. It allows to easily create trading setups of any complexity - from simple swap to advanced strategies - by simply explaining your vision to our AI.

We have best-in-class revenue sharing, exceptionally profitable referral program, and the highest swap fee discounts.

Our upcoming GOOD token is long-term deflationary with low emission rate before that.

There will be a token presale and a GOOD airdrop - both available to our most active users.

goodcryptox is a part of GoodCrypto - an all-in-one crypto portfolio manager and CEX trading terminal that's been around since 2019.

We practice radical transparency - from platform's architecture to team and our future plans - all information is readily available.

Getting started with goodcryptox is easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Create wallet with 1 click;

  2. Transfer ETH and/or coins from another wallet you control or buy them with 💳;

  3. Choose order type and send your first swap!

goodcryptox is in Public Beta at the moment.

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