🤑Revenue sharing

50% of all swap fees and token tax collected will be distributed to eligible GOOD holders once our token goes live.

To be eligible for revenue sharing you need to hold at least 10,000 GOOD tokens in your goodcryptoX wallet.

Revenue sharing epoch is 12 hours (meaning that revshare is distributed to eligible wallets every 12 hours). To be eligible for revenue sharing in a certain epoch you have to hold the GOOD tokens for the entire epoch. Thus, if you moved GOOD tokens into your goodcryptoX wallet during Epoch 1 you will receive your first revenue share once Epoch 2 ends.

After each epoch ends, we will calculate total shareable revenue for that epoch, define eligible wallets, and the amount of eligible tokens in each wallet. Then we will calculate revshare amount in ETH for an eligible token and update the numbers in your dashboard.

Revshare becomes claimable immediately after the epoch ends. Revshare for each supported network will be transferred to your respective goodcryptox wallet.

By default your revenue share will be automatically reinvested into GOOD tokens enabling you to auto-compound them. Unless you turn it off, we will use your revenue share to buy GOOD on the open market and transfer them to your wallet. GOOD tokens bought via reinvestment become eligible for revenue sharing immediately (you don't have to wait for the next epoch to end). You can turn reinvestment off (and back on) at any time in your dashboard.

Going forward, we plan to introduce GOOD staking. Staked GOOD will receive higher revenue share compared to GOOD simply held in your wallet. The longer the staking period, the higher your revenue share.

Shareable revenue = total swap fee collected less 10% for token burn, less referral revenue share, less copy trading revenue share.

50% of the shareable revenue is distributed to eligible token holders.

🔥There is a limited opportunity to increase your revenue share by 50% (apply 1.5x multiplier to your revshare) by minting one of our exclusive Ultimate NFTs.

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