gems 💎 sniper bot

gems sniper is an advanced market screener that lets you discover and auto-buy up-and-coming coins based on plethora of predefined criteria.

You can screen the token universe on price, volume, and liquidity changes, social followers growth, number of holders, buying or selling pressure, number of experienced buyers, and a lot more. You can filter your selection by coin age, market cap, security score, and other metrics.

Once you've established your criteria, you can either receive a notification each time a new coin fits your selection or automatically buy such coins with a market (swap) or a trailing order and attach Take Profit and Stop Loss to it.

With this tool even a simple strategy of automatically buying every coin that, for example, reaches $100k TVL and gains over 100k Twitter followers, can produce spectacular results, especially during the bull run.

For instance, if you had this tool at your disposal during the previous bull run, you would have bought SHIB in March 2021 and gained over 3,000x two months later. That buy alone would have paid for 2,999 buys of other coins even if all of them went to zero afterwards and you did not sell any. And who knows how many other 100+ baggers you would have caught among those 2,999 coins.

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