🗣️Referral program

You will get 25% of all swap fees we collect from the users registered with your referral link.

Your invitees will receive a 5% discount on their swap fee.

Referral link can be created in Settings->Referral Program section of the app. You can create up to 10 unique links. Your invitee can open our web app with your link or install our Android or iOS app - they will still be counted as your referee in all of those cases.

In the Referral Program section of our app (Settings->Referral Program) you can create referral links, see all your invitees, their trading volume and subscription status, check your earnings, and request a payout.

You will also earn a 30-50% share of your invitees subscription payments and get a $5-10 cashback for every $1M they trade on centralized exchanges via GoodCrypto. Subscriptions revshare percentage and CEX trading volume cashback size depend on your subscription tier. Our Lifetime/Ultimate subcriptions offer the highest payouts.

There is a unique opportunity to become one of only 1,000 users who will get a 50% referral revenue share (along with other exclusive benefits) by minting one of our 1,000 Ultimate NFTs.

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