🤘Subscription plans

We offer paid subscription that provides swap fee discounts for goodcryptox and unlocks advanced CEX + dYdX (GoodCrypto) functionality.

For the full list of GoodCrypto benefits that the subscription provides see our Plans page.

For goodcryptox subscription provides the following benefits:

PRO plan (monthly or annual): 10% swap fee discount; PRO plan (monthly or annual) + Algo 2x add-on: 15% swap fee discount; Lifetime PRO: 15% swap fee discount; Lifetime PRO + Algo 2x add-on:30% swap fee discount; Ultimate NFT: 50% swap fee discount, 50% referral revshare, and 1.5x revshare multiplier.

PRO subscription includes 14-days free trial and can be activated in Settings:

Algo 2x add-on can be added to your subscription when starting the free trial or buying the Lifetime plan in our web app:

Alternatively, it can be added later via direct payment links.

If you are on PRO monthly, add Algo 2x for $9.99 per month via this link: https://buy.stripe.com/7sIaGV4KO8PR82QdQQ.

If you are on PRO annual, add Algo 2x for $79.99 per year via this link: https://buy.stripe.com/bIY16l1yC6HJeredQR.

If you are on the Lifetime plan - email support(at)goodcrypto.app to receive the link to get the Algo 2x add-on for a one-time payment of $99.

Make sure you enter your GoodCrypto account email when paying via the link. Once paid, email support(at)goodcrypto and we'll set the add-on to your account right away.

Our Ultimate NFT, besides including all the perks that the PRO Lifetime plan does, provides exclusive benefits that cannot be obtained in any other way. Here is the comparison table between our top subscription plans:

PRO LifetimeUltimate NFT




CEX features

All PRO features

All PRO + Algo 2x features

DEX revshare multiplier



Swap fee discount



Referral DEX revshare





can be transferred and/or sold

Ultimate NFT also includes 100 Grid and 100 DCA bots for trading on CEXs and dYdX.

There will only be 1,000 Ultimate NFTs ever created - don't miss your chance to acquire one.

Current or past PRO subscribers can get a rebate of 50% of their total subscription spen when buying the Ultimate NFT.

At the moment self-service subscription payments are only available via the credit card.

You can pay for the annual or Lifetime subscription with crypto by emailing support(at)goodcrypto.app.

In the future we will add the ability to seamlessly pay for subscriptions directly from your goodcryptox wallet.

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