💳Swap fee

All swaps via goodcryptoX (manual or automatic) are subject to a 1% swap fee.

Large swaps have lower fee: for swaps over $10k in size swap fee is 0.5%, for swaps over $100k - 0.25%.

Discounts on the swap fee are also available based on your trading volume, amount of GOOD held, subscription plan, referral status, and our exclusive NFTs owned.

Discounts add up - each additional discount obtained increases your total discount.

50% of the swap fee collected is used for revenue sharing payouts to eligible GOOD token holders and referrers. The rest covers platform's operational costs and allows us to bring new features to you faster.

The fee is charged in the coin that you receive during the swap. Let's say your are swapping coin A for coin B. If you want to spend an exact amount of coin A, you will simply receive less coin B by the amount of swap fee. If you want to get an exact amount of coin B, we will increase the amount of coin A you need to spend to account for the extra coin A that needs to be transferred as the swap fee. The "Spend" and "Get" amounts shown during the swap setup already include the swap fee.

Swap fee transfer to goodcryptoX is built into every swap and, consequently, is charged only on successful swaps. It is done utilizing the same method that Uniswap uses to charge its interface fee.

All swap fees collected are periodically converted to ETH as the revenue share is distributed in ETH.

Swap fee calculation example:

You are sending a swap for $1,000. Base fee for this swap size is 1%.

Your volume traded discount is 10%, subscription discount is 10%, and GOOD held discount is 20%.

1% base fee - 10% volume discount = 0.9%;

0.9% - 10% subscription discount = 0.81%;

0.81% - 20% GOOD held discount = 0.648%.

Your swap fee for this swap will be 0.648%.

You can check your total swap fee discount level by clicking the robot icon in the upper-right corner:

Maximum theoretical swap fee discount can reach 94%. To obtain it you'd need all of the following:

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