🤖good crypto AI

Meet good crypto AI or GC, as it likes to be called. GC is your personal trading assistant built into the goodcryptoX platform.

GC transforms trading experience by helping you at every step of your trading journey. GC radically simplifies app setup, completely eliminates the learning curve, and enhances every tool we've built unlocking new features and capabilities.

GC has several superpowers.

It allows you to place trades of any complexity - from basic swaps to multi-step automations - by simply explaining your trading plan to GC:

GC, sell half of my ETH on Base now and buy it back at $3,000

Sell all my UNI in Ethereum wallet if it falls by 5% within a day in the next 30 days. Use the proceeds to buy GOOD with a 2% Trailing Stop

When Bollingers Bands Width for Bitcoin reaches historic low, sell all my altcoins on ARB and BASE for USDC, bridge it to my Ethereum wallet, and Trailing Buy WBTC with a 3% follow distance

good crypto AI enhances every tool and feature in the app:


Send me a portfolio summary to Telegram at 7am on weekdays and 8 am on weekends. Include value change, highlight top 3 contributors and detractors. Add key headlines for coins that constitute more than 5% of my portfolio.

DCA bot

Create a DCA Bot for BNB on BSC that will cover 30% price drop with 5 buy orders at equal distance. Allocate 10,000 USDT to the bot and make each buy order double in size. Repeat on TP, stop on SL. Reinvest the profits

Rebalancer bot

Maintain a Portfolio allocation of 40% BTC, 40% ETH, and 20% to 10 coins out of top-300 by market cap with best price performance over the last month. Rebalance weekly.

SOS bot

Whenever BTC and ETH fall 3% within 1 hour, convert all my coins to USDC. Buy all the coins back maintaining previous % allocation when BTC and ETH rise 1% within 30 minutes or when I tell you.

GC is always there to answer any question about the app, its tools, and your trading performance

GC, how do I access my wallet on another device?

GC, what does logarithmic distrubution of Grid orders mean exactly? Explain like to a 5-year old

Why did my last swap on BSC fail?

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