🚧Public βeta

At the moment the platform is in public βeta.

The bot is fully functional, but a lot of features are still being developed and the revenue sharing and trade mining programs await for the launch of our GOOD token.

Early access to goodcryptox not only allows you to use our awesome features before everyone else, but also to invite your friends and start receiving 25% (or even 50%) of their swap fees right away.

What is more, you (and your friends) get a head start in racking up app activity points that will help you get whitelisted for our token presale and put you in a better position for our upcoming airdrop.

The more you trade with goodcryptox, the more friends you invite and the more they trade, the higher your chances get.

All volume traded via goodcryptox during this period is also eligibile for Trade mining - you'll receive your reward as soon as we launch our token.

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